Abierto is a production bakery that was born in the kitchen of our small apartment in Villeray.  After a few of life's twists and turns, we found ourselves aligned on a path with our wonderful partners, Dom and Myriam.  They gave us the boost we needed to bring Abierto to life in 2022.  Our products are always handmade with intention and care.  Our hope is to translate that into each one of our creations so that with every bite we are able to satisfy a little more than just your taste buds.  We use quality, whole ingredients.  Going above and beyond to find organic sources close to home.

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Our team of bakers is united by their passion for baking and their commitment to delivering the finest baked goods.  Each member brings their own special touch, creating a unique final product.  We invite you to come meet our talented team and experience the love and dedication that goes into every delightful treat we offer.

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